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AVEVA and OSIsoft Combine Accelerating Digital Transformation of Industrial World

Combined Product Offering to Support Customers in Optimizing Operations, Driving Sustainability and Creating Greater Value

25th August 2020 – AVEVA, a global leader in industrial software, and OSIsoft, a global leader in real-time industrial data software and services, have announced an agreement for AVEVA to acquire OSIsoft for $5.0 billion. AVEVA and OSIsoft will combine their complementary product offerings, bringing together industrial software and data management to help customers in industrial and essential organizations accelerate their digital transformational strategies as efficiency, flexibility, sustainability and resilience become increasingly urgent requirements for customers.

OSIsoft’s data management software will complement AVEVA’s comprehensive end-to-end engineering, operations, and performance offerings. Integrating OSIsoft’s PI System into AVEVA’s comprehensive software portfolio will create an integrated data foundation that can drive big data, Cloud and AI-driven insights to create meaningful business outcomes for customers. This combination enables AVEVA to grow and diversify the industries it serves as well as continue to expand its footprint in existing and new markets and geographies.

Together, AVEVA and OSIsoft can provide full-stack solutions that span edge, plant, and enterprise deployment models, strengthening AVEVA’s position as a global leader in industrial software. With a combined 93 years of operating expertise and experience, they share a history of meeting the rapidly changing and evolving needs of their industrial customers, built on foundations of customer centricity and world-class talent. In addition to sharing a complementary solutions portfolio, this transaction further validates AVEVA’s leading position in digitization and IIoT.

OSIsoft’s PI System enables customers to collect, normalize, store, and stream real-time, high-fidelity operational data to applications, analytics, and AI and ML platforms. PI System acts as a single system of record for operations data, designed for massive cloud-enabled scale and data sharing across enterprises, and enables insightful operations decision making. OSIsoft works with over 1,000 of the world’s leading power and utilities companies, 38 of the Global Fortune Top 40 oil and gas companies, all of the Global Fortune Top 10 metals and mining companies, 37 out of 50 of the world's largest chemical and petrochemical companies and 9 out of 10 of the Global Fortune Top 10 pharmaceutical companies.

Building Stakeholder Value and Improving Sustainability

The complementary product offerings of AVEVA and OSIsoft will allow the combined company to continue to generate significant value for its stakeholders by creating new opportunities for innovation using new and emerging technologies. The two product suites are open and interoperable, and many customers leverage both solution sets today. As a combined entity, AVEVA and OSIsoft can further deliver on their sustainability goals, driving significant benefits and value for their customers. With broader, deeper scale and scope to lead the digital transformation of the industrial sector, the combined company will drive greater efficiencies and sustainability for many diverse essential industries, including consumer packaged goods (CPG), pharmaceutical, water and wastewater, and utilities, creating strengthened product offerings.

Commenting on the agreement, Craig Hayman, CEO of AVEVA, said: “Combining AVEVA and OSIsoft is yet another significant milestone in our journey to achieving the ambitious growth goals that we have set. This will not only help us serve existing customers better but also open the flood gates to new opportunities which will accelerate the delivery of our digitization vision. Data has been enabling organizations to more effectively determine the cause of problems by allowing them to visualize what is happening in different locations, departments and systems.  This agreement will enable our customers to improve business processes as well as eliminate inefficiencies. We are extremely proud to be moving into the next chapter with an even stronger solutions portfolio as well as an ever-increasing and robust customer base which continues to make us leaders in our sector.”

OSIsoft founder and CEO Dr. J. Patrick Kennedy added: “Joining forces with AVEVA enhances and extends our ability to deliver on our key commitments to our customers, partners and employees. Together we will be better able to service the largest digital transformation projects in history, including across industry 4.0+ and IIoT. AVEVA’s interest in OSIsoft is a testament to our talented team, and the extraordinary value of the PI System as the real-time streaming data infrastructure that powers the industrial world. Today’s announcement is the culmination of a thoughtful search for a respected organization that would mesh with our own strong mission- and customer-driven culture.The next chapter in PI’s fifth decade will be exciting for our employees and customers, and I look forward to my continued involvement in my new role as the largest individual shareholder in the combined company and as Chairman Emeritus to ensure we realize the full benefits of this transaction.”




OSIsoft的数据管理软件将纳入AVEVA全面的端到端工程、运营和绩效产品。将OSIsoft的PI系统(Plant Information System)集成到AVEVA剑维软件的综合软件产品组合中,将创建一个集成的数据基础,可以推动大数据、云和人工智能驱动的洞察力,为客户创造有意义的业务成果。这一并购使AVEVA能够发展和多元化其所服务的行业,并继续扩大其在现有和新市场及地区的覆盖范围。





AVEVA剑维软件首席执行官Craig Hayman评论表示:“AVEVA剑维软件和OSIsoft的合并是我们实现既定宏伟增长目标之旅的又一个重要里程碑。这不仅有助于我们更好地为现有客户服务,还能打开新机遇的大门,从而加快我们数字化愿景的实现。数据使组织能够更有效地确定问题所在,使他们能够直观地看到不同地点、部门和系统中发生的情况。该协议将使我们的客户能够改进业务流程并消除低效。我们非常自豪能够凭借更强大的解决方案组合和不断增长的强大客户群进入下一个篇章,这将继续使我们成为我们行业的领导者。”

OSIsoft创始人兼首席执行官J. Patrick Kennedy博士补充说:“与AVEVA剑维软件携手合作,增强和扩展了我们向客户、合作伙伴和员工履行我们重要承诺的能力。我们一起将能够更好地为历史上最大的数字化转型项目提供服务,包括横跨工业4.0和工业物联网。AVEVA剑维软件对OSIsoft的兴趣证明了我们团队的才华横溢,以及PI系统作为支持工业界的实时流数据基础结构的非凡价值。今天这个宣布是对一家受人尊敬的组织进行深思熟虑的最终结果,该组织将与我们自己强大的使命和客户驱动文化相呼应。PI第五个十年的下一篇章对我们的员工和客户而言将是令人兴奋的,我期待着作为合并后公司的最大个人股东和名誉董事长,继续我的新角色,以确保我们实现此次交易的全部利益。”


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